GALT’s Emergency Fund 2022

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If you are donating $500 or more, please add a note below if you would like to make your contribution in memory of and/or in honor of any specific hounds. Thank you!


From time to time, GALT finds itself in a cash crunch between major fundraisers, and this summer is one of those times. The recent online auctions have provided funds, but GALT has had some unusually high medical expenses for Poppy and the other seven Injured Reserve greys, totaling over $29,000 so far this year. The Texas heat is also creating some high utility bills at Houn House this summer.  In just 32 days from May 6 to June 7, GALT incurred almost $800 in electricity charges alone at Houn House. We are doing all we can to keep the fourteen hounds in boarding as comfortable as possible, but we’re in a perfect storm right now, with the last 30 days being over 95 to 100 degrees. It’s time to launch GALT’s Emergency Fund 2022 to help the hounds!

Between now and July 31st, we are soliciting donations of any size for this fund, but we are hoping that at least 20 people will make donations of $500 or more, in order to raise a minimum of $10,000. Unless they request anonymity, the GALT Emergency Heroes who make donations of at least $500 will receive special mentions on GALT’s website and eNews.  We encourage our GALT Emergency Heroes to make their donations to GALT’s Emergency Fund 2022 in memory of their Rainbow Bridge greys, and/or in honor of their current greys. We will gladly post one or two photos and a few brief comments on what inspired our GALT Emergency Heroes to support this special cause.  

We realize that not every personal budget can afford a $500 donation right now, so we will appreciate a contribution of any size. Please join the GALT Emergency Fund 2022 team by making a donation TODAY!

If the GALT Emergency Fund 2022 is successful in raising at least $10,000, we may be able to find a few donors to match this amount in August. We will keep you posted, and we are so grateful for your support!