The Madelyn Martin Memorial Puppy Fund Donation

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Madelyn Martin
April 1, 1969 – June 22, 2018

The entire GALT family is saddened by the loss of our Beloved “Puppy Mama”, Madelyn Martin.

Puppies were Madelyn’s love and specialty, as she truly had a gift and intuition with them. But Madelyn did so, so much more within the GALT family including passionate fundraising and dog adoption. She was a fierce advocate of greyhound/sighthound companions as family pets. GALT is honored to establish this fund in Madelyn’s memory – she would have wanted that, as her family knows.

GALT presently has seven puppies within our Family. Funds generated from the Madelyn Martin Memorial Puppy Fund will be used for their care as well as other greyhounds/sighthounds.

Thank you for your remembrance of Madelyn.