Susan Lewis Handmade Greyhound Themed Potholders - Multiple Designs Available!

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Susan Lewis has created handmade appliquéd Greyhound themed potholders for GALT. However, don't let the word potholder stop you there! These are art pieces that look beautiful framed! These make stunning gifts, as well as bringing Greyhound Art into your home.

We have only ONE of each design in stock.

Susan Lewis has a 30-year history in fabric art, having provided uniquely designed pieces for Neiman Marcus, I Magnin, Bonwit Teller in New York City and numerous boutiques. She now resides in Blue Lake, CA still sewing and tending a garden any horticulturist would envy, and supporting her favorite animal causes. GALT is very honored and privileged to count her among our very gifted artistic vendors.

Susan's artwork is featured at The Chambers Gallery in Cambria, CA , as well at Kati Koos in Modesto, CA

Her creations are unparalleled in uniqueness and creativity. Take a look and you will agree!

In addition to the items offered for sale below, Susan will create custom designs and special orders for tote bags, aprons, wall hangings and coats, vests and table runners. For questions, please contact

Regular price $37.50

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