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Without question, activities at GALT’s Houn House have provided life-changing experiences for canines and humans alike. For the greyhounds coming off the track or from a farm, the transition to new lives started from a familiar setting—kennel life. For the honorary greys and other sight hound mixes, kennel life meant not having to forage through dumps for food or chase coyotes; they were finally allowed to just be dogs. For the volunteers and kennel staff, time with the hounds was more than a walk or kennel cleaning; time with the hounds meant building trust and relationships.

Now we have an opportunity to purchase a reminder of those memories and, in turn, help GALT raise funds so that the mission continues. Susie McQuade, owner of the original Houn House water colour,  has graciously agreed to allow canvas prints of the work to be sold through the GreytStore.org website.

Prints are 8 x 10 inch images centered on 8.5 x 11 inch canvas sheets, allowing for matting within 11 x 14 inch mattes. A clear coat protective finish is applied to help prolong the life of the work.

About the Artist: Michael Holt

When Michael Holt first ventured into writing children's books, he made the decision to take on the task of illustrating them himself. Despite lacking any formal education in the visual arts, other than the mandatory art classes during his public school years, his initial attempts at illustrating were far from perfect. The images on the page fell short of capturing the vivid pictures that danced in his mind.
Undeterred by this setback, Michael dedicated countless hours to honing his drawing, sketching, and painting skills. He immersed himself in practice, determined to bridge the gap between his imagination and the images he created. As time went on, these hours of diligent practice not only improved his illustrations for his books but also opened up new avenues for him as an artist.

In his office, Michael proudly displayed a collection of his works on the wall to inspire and motivate himself. Little did he know that these pieces would catch the attention of his colleagues as well. They were captivated by the vibrant colors, intricate details, and unique perspectives showcased in each artwork. His colleagues couldn't help but comment on the talent and growth they witnessed in Michael's artistic journey.

Through perseverance and a passion for self-improvement, Michael Holt transformed himself from a novice illustrator into a skilled artist. His dedication to mastering the visual arts not only enhanced his children's books but also allowed him to create captivating works that resonated with others. Learn more and view more artwork here.