House A Hound Donation

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Please specify if donation is in honor or in memory of a person and/or hound. If a notification is requested, please provide name and email address for the acknowledgment.

Help GALT's hounds waiting for their forever homes by sponsoring their boarding at a kennel. GALT currently boards dogs at Houn' House (Carrollton).

The average stay for an adoptable hound is approx. 4 weeks which allows time to complete vetting and general health/personality assessment before placement in a foster home. GALT's daily cost to board and care for hounds not in foster homes is $10/day with an average of 12-15 dogs being boarded at these facilities. Donations to this fund may be used to assist other Greyhounds in need as outlined in our Mission Statement.

Choose a set Sponsorship Option or contact GALT to arrange for a custom sponsorship option.